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Dear Friends,


Currently I am conducting research about relaxation and the effect of prayer and spiritually on health and healing. The scientific information is impressive. This past September, I was honored to get a scholarship to attend the Duke University Medical Center Workshop on Spirituality and Health Research. The five day agenda included researchers from Harvard, Yale, Emory, Johns Hopkins, and others, who presented results showing the benefits, and indeed the cost benefits of patients who left the hospital earlier than planned when prayer was involved.


It is interesting to note that some people reported that reading the Bible, and or meditation assisted with relaxation, and a greater trust in God in their daily lives.  


Here is a draft of a video on relaxation I put together as part of my research. If you have a few minutes, please review and comment on this video. The song “Ave Maria” is sung by my friend Judi and the piano is played by Mary Ann, who is blind since age six. They offer a beautiful use of their talents, and a generous gift for us.

God Bless you and your family!

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